Q: How does shipping work?

A: If you live in the United States, excluding AK and HI, shipping is free. Luster prints take about 3 business days to arrive, and metal prints take about 5 business days to arrive. If you live in AK, HI, or any other country, we’ll have to give you a quote on the shipping cost and time. You can ->Contact Us<- before making a purchase (our system won’t allow you to finalize an order if you live in AK, HI, or internationally) and we’ll get back with you ASAP with your cost and estimated shipping time. Afterwords, we’ll be able to email you a customized order form.

Q: What’s your return policy?

A: 30-day money back guarantee.

Q: Do you sell frames?

A: Not yet! Being brand new, we simply wanted to get our art to you with ease. Framing is likely to come in the future if we’re loved enough.

Q: Do you photoshop your images?

A: Yes and no (So technically, yes). Nothing is ever added to a photo or moved around. The only things sometimes taken out are blemishes – (externally) damaged parts of the gemstone that are caused by human interference – i.e., scratches, abraded girdles, etc… Sharpening may be used to bring an image back to its true aesthetic, as optical density can become an issue. Additionally, saturation and contrast may be adjusted. Hue is seldom adjusted.

Q: Do you print custom sizes?

A: Of course! The sizes listed on our website are there to simplify the buying process, but are not limited to those sizes. Feel free to ->Contact Us<- and we’ll get back with you ASAP.

Q: Is Alex single?

A: Unfortunately, no. He met his imperfect, perfect match when he was only 22 years old.

Q: Do metal prints require a frame?

A: Nope! Metal prints are designed to not be framed – they already have a pre-installed mount on the back.

Q: I noticed my credit card info can be saved for the wonderful convenience of quicker future purchases. Does this mean that if Inclusion Art gets hacked, my credit card info can be stolen?

A: Nope!! Your credit card info is saved on Stripe’s servers, not our website.

Q: How long will luster prints last?

A: All luster prints are created on museum quality paper with a 75-100 year life-span and acid-free ink. To extend the life-span of your artwork, frame it behind glass, and keep it out of sunlight.

Q: Anything else I should consider before making a purchase?

A: Such a wise question to ask! Yes, two more things to keep in mind:

1) When purchasing a luster print, some frame sizes (purchased apart from us) are easier to find than others. Although you can easily get almost any size frame via the internet or custom made, some frame sizes will not be easily found in a typical department store.

2) Monitors display colors differently. Although we take a great deal of time and effort coordinating colors between monitor and print, you must note that your phone or computer screen will probably not show an exact representation of the colors on your print. Alas, they should be very close. This is not due to any error on anyone’s part, but the fact that color is an extremely fickle thing when it comes to all types of electronic displays.