Meet the Artist

Alex’s expedition with gemstones launched at age four when his grandmother gave him a section of dense stock paper with five gemstones glued to it. His grandma, who also has an adoration for gemstones, gifted him several during the course of his adolescent years, causing him to gain quite the collection.

Upon graduating high school, he was convinced he wanted to fulfill his passion for gemstones by means of a career, but hadn’t yet determined his precise path. At age 23, while studying to be a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Graduate Gemologist (G.G.), he saw a striking silk inclusion in a sapphire. He, to a certain degree, jokingly said to his wife, “Wow, you could make art out of this!” Soon after, Alex became a G.G., and relocated his family to Evansville, IN where he commenced his career as a jewelry appraiser with a family owned jewelry store.

On the road to completion of his season as a jewelry appraiser, he stumbled upon an article written by Nathan Renfro (current manager of gem identification with the GIA) that redirected Alex’s focus. In 2016, he and his family moved back to his hometown of Commerce, Michigan. He began acquiring expert microscope and camera equipment which propelled his family into the sequel known as Inclusion Art…